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The Best Portable Solar Powered Generator

Most people invest in a gas-powered generator to avoid the disruption that comes when bad weather strikes. Generators allow you to continue cooking in your kitchen, keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and your lights on in the event of a power outage. Despite these benefits, gas-powered generators are loud, can be a pain to service if something goes wrong, and are not environmentally-friendly. 

Luckily, solar generators can replace gas-powered generators.

Name Picture Price Best Feature Our Rating Best Price
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station $$$ 396Wh Power station that can power 7 devices at once. Best power station overall. 9.6/10 See Current Price
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 $$ 240 watt-hour power that works well with many charging sources - excellent customer service 9.5/10 See Current Price
Flash Fish 300W Solar Generator $$ 222Wh with easy carrying capabilities 9.3/10 See Current Price
BALDR Portable Power Station 330W $$ 297wh power capacity and can be powered by any 100 W Solar panel 9.8/10 See Current Price
Paxcess Portable Power Station 200 $$ 230Wh/62400mAh capacity that fits into a small size. Perfect for camping or outdoor travel 9.4/10 See Current Price

What is a Portable Solar Powered Generator?

The 5 Best Solar Powered Generators to have Eco-Friendly Power on the GoRather than using gas, a solar power generator runs on energy from the sun. A portable solar generator uses solar panels to collect this energy. The generator stores that energy in a battery to be used later. Most people will use a solar generator for camping, on a boat, or as a backup power source in the event of a power outage.

What are the Benefits of using a Portable Power Station?

How do you decide between a solar-powered or gas-powered generator? We’ve pulled together some pros and cons for you to think about. 

Solar-Generator Pros:

  • Clean Energy: Unlike gas, solar is considered clean energy. So, if you’re concerned about climate change, then you may want to go solar. 
  • No Operating Costs: Energy from the sun is completely free! Once you buy a solar-powered generator, your only costs will be maintenance. 
  • Portability: Some parks and other public places will not allow gas-powered generators, but they will allow solar generators so you can enjoy it wherever you go!
  • Low Maintenance and Quiet: Gas generators are notoriously loud. Luckily solar generators are much quieter, which helps you continue your day in peace. 

Solar-Generator Cons:

  • High Up-Front Cost: Typically solar-powered generators are much more expensive than gas-powered generators. But, remember that the operating costs for a solar-powered generator are much lower than their gas counterparts. 
  • Slow To Recharge: Battery recharging can take a while on a solar-powered generator.
  • Dependence On Sunlight: If you are facing a really cloudy day or it’s a dark winter day, a solar-power generator may struggle to run and charge properly.
  • Limited Power Supply: Solar-powered generators are limited in terms of the power they can emit. They are unlikely able to power a whole home, but can absolutely charge a laptop or phone. 

Are Solar Generators Worth the Money?

What to Consider When Purchasing a Solar Powered Generator?

A solar generator is a big investment so you will want to make sure that you make the right decision. Here are some of the features that you will want to look out for and consider before buying a solar-powered generator. 

  • Battery Storage Capacity: This is arguably the most important factor to consider. Battery storage allows you to get the most use out of the generator, including at night, in periods of limited sun, and when your energy needs exceed the amount of solar input coming in. 
  • Solar Panel Input: You will want to make sure that your generator has ample solar panel input to be able to generate enough power. Double-check if the generator comes with solar panels, otherwise you may need to purchase them separately. 
  • Inverter Rating: The inverter rating will be crucial in your decision-making process. Inverters rate the maximum watts that you can pull at any given time. So you’ll want to find a generator that has big inverters and good battery storage capacity to ensure maximum power.
  • Weight/Portability: Depending on how and where you will use the generator, consider the weight of the unit and how easy it will be to maneuver around your home or other places. If you don’t plan on moving the generator, then the weight is likely not an important factor.

The Best Solar Powered Generator for Eco-Friendly Power

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Summary: This generator is a large capacity power bank designed to run lights, phones, laptops, and small appliances in an off-grid or power outage situation.

Pros: Status display tells you how much wattage you’re drawing, can charge with solar panels or AV adaptor, and a solar panel included 

Cons: Some battery issues, on the heavy side

Goal Zero Portable Solar Generator

Click on the image for more information

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Summary: The Jackery Explorer 240 is equipped with a 240 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The power station is portable, so it is great for camping. 

Pros: Speedy customer service, well-known brand, portable 

Cons: Solar panel not included, fairly expensive

Jackery Solar Power Generator

Click on the image for more information

Flash Fish 300W Solar Generator

Summary: This power station has a large capacity of 222 watt-hours and three different output ports that can charge most devices. 

Pros: This generator is durable and the handles make it portable. It’s lightweight and cost-effective. 

Cons: Some battery life issues 

Flash Fish Solar Power Generator

Click on the image for more information

BALDR Portable Power Station 330W

Summary: This power station has 297 watt-hour power capacity and works with a compatible 100w solar panel(sold separately). At 7.1 pounds, it’s lightweight and charges within 7-8 hours.

Pros: 3 ways to charge, has a built-in light, good customer service

Cons: Can’t support certain devices (over 330W)

Baldr portable power station

Click on the image for more information

Paxcess Portable Power Station 200

Summary: This portable power station charges most smartphones 20-25 times and an iPad mini 8-10 times. It delivers stable 200 watts of continuous power. 

Pros: This is a cost-effective option. It has built-in USB ports for easy charging. It’s also light and portable.

Cons: Slow charging speed

Paxcess Portable Power Station

Click on the image for more information

Key Takeaways

There are many reasons for wanting a solar-powered generator. From an upcoming camping trip to facing a hurricane that could threaten your power, solar-powered generators can provide you with the power you need. Just remember – you can still get a generator that is eco-friendly while providing you with the power that you need. 

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