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The Best Energy-Efficient Space Heater

Winter is coming. As the days get shorter and colder many of us start looking for ways to stay warm. It’s more energy-efficient to heat one or two rooms in use instead of the whole house. If you want to be energy conscious while ensuring you and your family stay warm, an energy-efficient space heater can help.

Name Picture Price Best Feature Our Rating Best Price
Taotronics 1500W Electric Space heater $$ Has 3 settings including Eco-mode, great heat distribution 9.6/10 See Current Price
Dyson Fan Heater White/Silver $$$ Our Favorite and best model on the list 9.8/10 See Current Price
Vornado Vortex Heater $ Small and compact, 3 modes including an eco-friendly mode 9.2/10 See Current Price
TaoTronics 1500W Ceramic Space Heater $$ We love the remote and ability to set the heat 9.6/10 See Current Price
Aikoper Space Heater, 1500W Ceramic Tower Heater $ One of the best eco settings and modes of all space heaters 9.5/10 See Current Price

What is an Energy-Efficient Space Heater?

An energy-efficient space heater is a small and portable unit used to heat a small area. A space heater can be used when the main heating system is broken or inadequate. Some people use them to reduce heating costs. Space heaters run on electricity, propane, natural gas, or kerosene and often require less energy than traditional heaters.

eco-friendly space heater

What are the Benefits of using an Energy-Efficient Space Heater?

  • The Best Energy-Efficient Space Heater Save money: A space heater allows you to heat only a small area, which costs much less than heating an entire home. 
  • Decrease energy use: Investing in the right space heater can decrease your energy use. Just make sure you get the right size for the space you need to heat. 
  • Room-specific heating: There’s no point in heating an empty room. With a space heater, you only heat what you need to. 
  • No installation: If you’re not a handy-man or woman, don’t worry. All you have to do to “install” a space heater is plug it in.
  • Space-saving: You can free up space in your home by storing space heaters away when you’re not using them. 

What to Consider When Purchasing an Energy-Efficient Space Heater?

  • Size: Space heaters are available in small or large sizes. Consider getting a small heater if you want to warm a small bedroom. You’ll want to purchase a large space heater to heat a common area in the house, like a full-sized family room. The large heaters typically have an electronic flame display too, so they add to the atmosphere as well. 
  • Type of fuel to use: Space heaters use different energy sources. You will want to think about which type works best for you. For example: 
    • Electric uses the electricity that you already have set up in your home, so it’s not a good back up in case of power outages.
    • Natural gas space heaters are a good option if your home already runs on natural gas. 
    • Kerosene is a cheap fuel option, so it’s great if you’re budget-conscious. Kerosene heaters are also super powerful making them a good option if you need to heat a large area on a budget. 
    • Propane heaters are also cheap and are great if you want an outdoor heater. 
  • Speed of heating: When you’re cold, waiting to get warm can make time seem to slow. You’ll want to find a heater that heats your room relatively quickly. Typically a space heater will heat up in about 15 minutes, but some may take longer. 
  • Noise level: Be sure you think about how noisy your space heater will be. If you plan on using it in a room where you’re watching TV or making phone calls, you should look for a relatively quiet space heater.
  • Energy usage: Check the information about energy use. Space heaters will be given a rating of A through G, with A being the most energy-efficient and G being the least. Look for the most energy-efficient one that meets your other criteria. 
  • Safety: As they say, safety first! Make sure any model that you purchase has a safety certification label from an independent testing organization. Make sure you’re buying a truly safe product. Look for one with an automatic shut-off for optimum safety. This feature can protect you and your family from a fire. 
  • Additional Features to consider: 
    • A thermostat gives you control over temperature.
    • Timers can save you on energy costs by cutting off at the desired time. 
    • Remote controls make adjusting the heater from anywhere in the room super convenient.
    • A handle makes it easier to move around the house. 

How to Safely Use a Space Heater

The Best Energy-Efficient Space Heater

Taotronics 1500W Electric Space heater

Summary: This ceramic space heater can warm up a small space, like a bedroom, quickly and quietly. It comes with a remote control and can be placed on either the floor or a desk for easy use. 

Pros: This heater has 3 heating modes and a setting for oscillating heat to get your room warm quickly. It’s also quiet and cost-effective.

Cons: It’s only 18 inches high, so it’s not the most efficient option for larger rooms.

Taotronics Electric space heater

Click on the image for more information

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus Heater White/Silver

Summary: The Dyson fan can be used in the summer or winter because it acts as a fan and space heater. With the Dyson, you’re getting two devices in one. It has an intelligent thermostat that monitors the room to reach and maintain your desired temperature. 

Pros: The Dyson comes in two color options, can be used to warm a room in winter or cool a room in summer, has a sleek design, and an automatic shut-off.

Cons: Some customers complained of malfunctions with the product.

Dyson Eco friendly space heater

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Vornado Heat Vortex Heater

Summary: The Vornado Vortex heater comes with three settings (1500W, 1125W, and 750W) allowing you to decide how much energy you want to use. It’s got a high gloss finish and a safety tip-over switch. 

Pros: The Vornado is cost-effective, has three settings, great safety features, and it’s compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

Cons: This heater does not come with a remote and the heat doesn’t seem as strong after continued use.

Vornado eco-friendly space heater

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TaoTronics 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

Summary: This large curved heater comes with advanced ceramic heating technology, so it generates heat more effectively. It allows for consistent and immediate warmth.

Pros: This product has a good warranty and customer support.  It great safety features, the oscillating fan evenly distributes heat, it comes at a good price point, and it’s lightweight. 

Cons: Some customers complained the heat was not as strong after continued use.

Taotronics oscillating eco-friendly space heater

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Aikoper 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

Summary: This heater has two heat settings to customize your temperature. The ECO setting saves energy. The unit will turn on and off automatically once the desired temperature is met.

Pros: The Aikoper heater doesn’t require any assembly, it comes with a convenient carrying handle, it’s very quiet, and has great safety features. 

Cons: It’s a fairly large unit, so it takes up quite a bit of space.

Aikoper Eco-friendly Space Heater

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Key Takeaways

As winter quickly approaches, think about investing in an energy-efficient space heater to stay warm and cozy. Investing in a space heater, particularly one that is energy efficient will make your winter much more enjoyable. 


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