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We are a small group of friends and family that loves the outdoors. We live to play outside in the mountains, on the beach, and in the desert. We frequently would come upon trash and plastic and wish there was something we could do. With full-time jobs and starting families, this was our best idea to make an impact on the most people.

Discount Eco-Friendly is an Amazon affiliate. That means if you purchase an item from one of the links we provide, then we get a small commission on that item at no extra cost to the shopper. This helps us cover the cost of web-hosting, security, and providing new content.

Amazon is a favorite punching bag and for good reason most of the time. However, Amazon has really stepped up its game in sustainability. They’ve offered 2 billion to combat climate change and are going carbon net-zero by 2040. To find out more about Amazon’s sustainability plan visit this link.  

Something is environmentally friendly if it can be re-purposed, recycled easily, or reduces the need for resources. As an example, a low flow showerhead reduced the use of water. We also look for items or ideas that are plastic-free and that can be compostable.

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions. The best way is to use our contact form which can be found at the link below:

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