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green beans in a freezer bag

Reusable Gallon Freezer Bag: The Best Eco-Friendly Storage Bags

Reusable gallon freezer bags provide a space for a litany of both small and large items that would normally end up in plastic. Gallon bags are great for storing food, household items, and for cleaning. Unfortunately, most of those plastic bags will end up in a landfill or worse, in the ocean.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, as most of the time these bags could be reused and save the environment at the same time. See below for our favorite picks of the best gallon bags.

Name Picture Price Best Feature Our Rating Best Price
Qinline Reusable Storage Bags $ BPA free, Upgraded zipper, 10-pack 9.7/10 See Current Price
Home Hero Reusable Freezer Bags $ 100% leakproof, BPA free, Most versatile bags 9.8/10 See Current Price
Anpro Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags $ 7-pack, chemical-free 9.6/10 See Current Price
JonyJ Reusable Gallon Storage Bags $ 10-pack, chemical-free, multiple sizes 9.1/10 See Current Price
LKSUMPT Reusable Gallon Bags $ Leak-Proof, Freezer Safe, Chemical-free 9.6/10 See Current Price

What is a Reusable Storage Bag?

The Best Reusable Freezer Storage Bag. Go Plastic Free with Better Performance. Save up to 500 ziplock bags a year.A reusable gallon freezer bag is generally something that is made of plastic produced by brand names such as “Glad” or “Ziplock”.  They allow kitchen users, or storage movers the ability to preserve or store perishable items such as foods or liquids, for the short term or (dry freeze) for the long term.  But they can also be useful when packing up to place long lost bits of change under your vanity, a sturdy holder for your makeup, or a parent’s cooking lesson with their child in making Gazpacho that needs to be preserved for some days or weeks. 

What are the Benefits of using a Reusable Freezer bag?

They are sturdy thick-coated usually plastic bags (although this is changing in material and how they’re reused).

 The average American family uses some 500 ziplock plastic bags of one form or another in a year. 

Investing a bit more money’s worth into these products would do wonders for our oceans, beaches, and our lungs. 

Picture of plastic in landfill

How to Clean and Reuse A Storage Bag?

The nice thing is that reusable gallon freezer bags have the utility of plastic party plates, but they can be cleaned and reused. As opposed to flimsy cardboard plates that no one cares about and that people sadly don’t have qualms about taking two, three or four plates stuck together (because, it’s not my party, its cardboard, pizza’s warm and who cares). 

The freezer bag can be approached like Tupperware, you simply fill it with hot water to remove any excess residue of whatever was previously in it, hand-washed, then dried quickly so that it doesn’t become warped or compromise the seal.

Do not put it in the dishwasher, again the seal could break or the integrity of the bag itself could melt.

The Best Reusable Freezer Ziplock Bags

Qinline Reusable Storage Bags

Summary: The Qinline reusable storage bags come in a 10 pack option, are made from food-grade PEVA material, and are BPA free making storing your food safe and worry-free. The pack comes with different bag sizes for all different needs. They recently just upgraded the zipper to be leak-proof and easier to use. One of our favorite aspects is their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Pros: They are completely leak-proof and have the equivalent strength of 350 + discardable bags. 

Cons: They are more affordable but are slightly less quality than other brands

Qinline Reusable storage bags

Click on the image for more information

Home Hero Reusable Freezer Bag

Summary: Per its symbolic status, the Home Hero comes with extra bells and whistles, such as a bag holder for better ergonomics when packing or precision for pouring liquids and a sleek cleaning sponge.  It’s also Microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Pros: They are of high quality and provide a device to promote good cleaning for reuse.

Cons: They come at a higher pricepoint

home hero reusable storage bag

Click on the image for more information

Anpro Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags

Summary: These are interesting bags as they are more allowed for Meat and come in a pack of 7 as well as encompassing different size bags for things like snacks, a meal, or marinated meats.

Pros: Diverse selection of bag types and sizes makes this a versatile “momma bear” care package for her munchkins.

Cons: Sometimes people want things streamlined there are different sizes and that can be cumbersome to customers (parents) in a rush who generally want simplicity after a long day at work buying the ‘exact same 5 sets of bags’ that they thought they saw in the grocery store when they quickly glanced at it.

Anpro Reusable freezer Bags

Click on the image for more information

JonyJ Reusable Gallon Storage Bags

Summary: The Jony J is a family pack that comes in all different shapes and sizes very sturdy for outdoors as it can withstand 176` degrees Fahrenheit 

Pros: A litany of different food product uses for the family

Cons: Unfortunately it’s Achilles heel seems to be freezing items such as bread for making sandwiches, some of the bags have been compromised.

Jony J reusable storage bag

Click on the image for more information

LKSUMPT Reusable Gallon Bags

Summary: Certified ‘PEVA’ food-grade materials, affordable prices, and excellent tech support come with this product. 

Pros: They really are an all-encompassing preserver and not just of food, but toiletries, makeup, two-dollar bills, and JFK coins, you name it. 

Cons: Defrosting with these bags can be an issue from time to time as the integrity of the seal can be compromised and liquid foods can spill out. 

LKSUMPT Reusable Freezer Bags

Click on the image for more information

Key Takeaways

Saving food and saving the environment does not have to be mutually exclusive. There is a way to save the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills and our oceans, without losing the conveniences that we need at home. Share these with a friend, give them as a gift, and slow the spread of useless plastic.

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