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How to Recycle Shampoo Bottles

How to Recycle a Shampoo Bottle: A Helpful Guide

How to Recycle a Shampoo BottleDo you know how to recycle a shampoo bottle? Most people don’t, and the numbers are staggering. We could reduce the amount of plastic in landfills by nearly 50% by recycling shampoo bottles alone. 

Not sure what to do with your empty shampoo bottles? Here’s everything you need to know about recycling shampoo bottles to keep them out of the landfill.

Can you recycle a shampoo bottle?

Yes, you can! It’s important to recycle plastic bottles because they are made of a valuable resource. When recycled, the materials they contain can be reused without ever running out or being wasted. Although many people don’t realize it, there are various ways to recycle shampoo bottles.

  • The most common way is through a curbside recycling program. Just place them in the recycling bin provided by your trash collection service. They’ll be collected on trash day and sent off to a sorting facility instead of the landfill. 
  • Take empty shampoo bottles to a recycling drop-off center. These centers often accept electronics, aluminum cans, glass bottles, paper products like cardboard boxes and newspapers, too. 
  • Check with local organizations that offer in-person pickup recycling programs.

Recycle Your Shampoo Bottles

Recycling a shampoo bottle is not only good for the environment, but it also benefits your wallet!

  • You can save up to $11 per month by refilling empty containers with salon-quality products.
  • It’s an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and keep plastics out of our landfills.
  • By recycling shampoo bottles, you are helping to create a more sustainable future for our planet and the animals that inhabit it!

What recycling number are shampoo bottles?

Check the plastic type The recycling number for shampoo bottles varies based on the type of plastic and other materials layered with it. However, since most common types of plastics are recyclable, it’s safe to say that these products should be placed in your curbside recycling bin or blue bag so they can be examined at the local sorting facility.

Can you recycle the cap of a shampoo bottle?

Yes, the cap can be recycled. You will need to remove all labels and dirt from it before recycling. You mustn’t mix caps with any other plastics or materials because they might contaminate each other during sorting.

If your shampoo bottle has a plastic lid in addition to the screw-on metal top, put the plastic lid in the recycling bin. Do not try to recycle it with your shampoo bottle cap or other metal caps because again, they might contaminate each other during sorting.

Do you need to remove all labels from a shampoo bottle before recycling?

No. Shampoo bottles are usually recyclable if you remove the cap and pour out all liquid but keep them upside down until they’re empty to avoid a mess in your recycling bin.

Five Ways to Reuse Shampoo Bottles

5 Ways to Re-Use Old Shampoo Bottles

Use a Shampoo Bottle as a Vase for Flowers

  • Cleaning out any leftover residue from inside the container that could contaminate the new product
  • Decorating the bottle while being sure to keep it sealed tight
  • Watering flowers or plants in the vase.

Cut off the Top and Use it as a Condiment Holder

Include the bottle on your dinner table to hold condiments, ketchup, or other sauces.

Cut off the Top and Use it as a Pen or Paperclip Holder

Shampoo Bottles are the perfect size for holding all small items, such as pens and paperclips, too! Just cut it down to the perfect height for whatever you need it to hold. 

Cut off the Top and Use it as a Succulent or Small Planter

  • Cut off the top, customize the height for the plant you’ll be using it for. 
  • Decorate by painting or wrapping with craft paper or rope. 
  • Fill with soil and place your seed, succulent, or other plant. 


In conclusion, recycling shampoo bottles can help save the environment and conserve natural resources. It is important to recycle at least one thing every day to make a difference in our planet’s health for future generations. These are just a few small steps you can do every day that will have an impact on your community–and around the world!

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