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how you can help combat climate change

5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Combat Climate Change Today

Steps you can take to combat climate changeDo you care about the future of our planet? If so, combating climate change should be a top priority. There are many ways you can help preserve Earth’s natural resources and ecosystem.

Small changes in your daily habits can make a huge impact in the long run. Slight changes to your diet, opting for renewable energy sources when possible, and recycling are some of the most common ways to help. We’ll review these and more in the following article.

Eat Less Meat and More Vegetables

Eat Less Meat and More veggiesEating less meat is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Raising livestock accounts for nearly 9% of the total carbon emissions in the United States.

While beef is a high source of protein, this has been shown to be an inefficient use of grain. Many plant-based foods provide the same amount of protein without the toll on the environment or the well-being of the animal. This is the simplest and quickest way to tackle climate change today.

Did you know: 

So if you cut your meat consumption in half and replace it with vegetables, fruits, and grains like quinoa, legumes, and nuts then you will be combating climate change!

This change could also improve your health, as eating too much meat can be harmful to your heart and other organs. 

  • It’s been shown that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from obesity or diabetes than their non-vegetarian counterparts. 
  • A recent study found that red meat consumption increases the risk of early death in middle-aged adults.

Use More Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources Using renewable energy sources, like solar power or wind turbines, instead of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, is another way to combat climate change. This doesn’t have to be a large expense or make your life that much more difficult.

Ask your local power company how much of their energy comes from renewable resources. If they don’t have a large percentage, switch to one that does or ask when they are going to make the change. 

About 25% of the electricity in the United States is generated from renewable sources like wind and solar power. The best part about this is it’s only going up – last year saw $286 billion invested into renewables worldwide.

Even something as simple as installing a solar-powered water fountain can make an impact on combating climate change. This is especially important if you live in or near the city because this will help contribute to reducing air pollution and the urban heat island effect.

Even though installing roof solar panels is a large upfront cost, they last for decades and should pay themselves off in the long run. In some places, you can even make money by selling excess electricity to the power company. Be sure to check with your local government before installing solar panels on your roof. Many states have tax breaks or incentives to help you save money!

What You Can Do About Climate Change

Vote for Climate-Friendly Candidates

Before any election, do a little research with climate change in mind. Look for candidates who are making the environment a priority. 

Vote to combat climate changeThe biggest threat to combating climate change is politicians who don’t want anything done about it. Some have ties with the oil industry or other big businesses that contribute to greenhouse gases like animal agriculture.

Many people are running for office who want to keep the Earth habitable for future generations and will make combating climate change a priority.

We all know this can feel like a small action to take when you’re facing so many obstacles. It may seem like no matter what you do, it’s not going to make a difference. The reality is that combating climate change starts with every one of us doing something small today.

Use Less Energy During Transportation

Public Transportation reduces energy use and emissionsAnother way to combat climate change is by carpooling or using public transit if you can. It’s also a good idea to bike, walk, skateboard, etc., when you’re able to. Driving less will not only help the environment, but it can also save you money!

Those who switch just one trip per day from driving a car to cycling reduce their carbon footprint by about 0.5 tonnes over a year.

Even if you live in a place where it snows a lot, biking can still be an option when there is warmer weather or using a fat-tired bike.

Using public transportation helps decrease carbon dioxide emissions and can save you money on gas.

How much does using public transportation help with climate change? Public transportation reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30 million metric tons a year, which is the equivalent of removing over eight million cars from the road every day.

Recycling and Reducing Use of Single-Use

Another way to combat climate change is by recycling more often at home or work. Not all plastics are recyclable, so make sure you don’t put non-recycled plastic into a recycling bin. Look for recycling numbers on the bottom of plastic containers and other waste material. 

Single use plastics and papers should be replaced with reusable optionsOne of the places that use the most single-use plastic is office buildings. Single-use plastics include things like water bottles, plastic utensils, cups, and straws. All of these are great to have on hand but should only be used when necessary.

  • Putting a reusable mug at your desk can help reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste that is created every day.
  • Be sure not to buy bottled drinks like soda, juice, or bottled water. This is a huge waste and contributes to litter on the roadways/streets or oceans where animals can get caught up in it!

You may know that buying recycled paper products help to combat climate change, but did you also know that they are better for your health? The recycled paper doesn’t contain the toxic chemicals that are often found in virgin paper products.


Combating climate change is a daily battle, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill one. Just changing small things like the way you eat or how you get from point A to B can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep our planet healthy for future generations!

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how you can help combat climate change

5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Combat Climate Change Today

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